The Bobbleheads vote for VMworld!

Voting for Vmworld 2012 sessions has been going on for a week and so in a last minute rush to get the vote out for sessions I want to see – or be seen in – some of my desk figurines teamed up to make a video. Cameo celeb appearances are made by Batgirl and Wonder Woman for their ultimate nerd appeal.

Voting ends this Friday June 8th, so just do it already! If you have already voted, you can go in again and add these sessions too – it’s never too late.  If you haven’t voted, you will need to sign up for a  VMworld account to access the site .  BTW, you all have desk statues, don’t you?

The sessions mentioned in this video are:
1200 iSCSI Misconceptions, Configurations and Best Practices
1202 Cloud Infrastructure Architecture and Operations Q&A
1215 BYOD: Focus on the data, not the device
1217 Big Data on Cloud: Why and How
1302 Building Open Adapters for vCenter Operations
1347 vCenter Orchestrator for the Everyday Administrator
1726 From Zero to Social in Six Weeks
1913 Pardon The Interrupt: VMworld Expert Panel Session on Everything
1996 Managing Your Day-to-Day Administrative Tasks with vCenter Orchestrator
2471 vNUMA Performance Deep Dive and Case Study
2478 VROOM! Videos Live – VMware Performance Team Panel
2545 [StorSimple Session] Protecting VM Data at the Perimeter with ROBO-resident Cloud-integrated Storage
2637 [StorSimple Session] Limiting the Waste of VM Sprawl with Cloud-integrated Storage: Combining Cloud Storage, Data Deduplication and aAtomated sSorage Tiering to Manage VM
2641 [StorSimple Session] A Customer’s Journey: Shrinking an SMB VM Datacenter with Cloud-integrated Enterprise Storage
2906 Simulating Storage IO Workloads Within Virtual Environments