Driving in circles in the storage industry

2016 has started out being pretty unkind to the storage industry.  There may be some deep-seeded reasons for it. https://youtu.be/68YGUJ7knWw We've been talking about layoff scenario on the In Tech We Trust podcast for several weeks. The … [Continue reading]

Fun Times in LinuxLand at SCaLE14x: Food, Drinks, Deadpool T-shirts & More!

The SCaLE14x conference begins tomorrow in Pasadena. Seeing as how I've been a Windows user all my life, there is a lot going on there that I don't know anything about. I guess that's what they call a learning opportunity. But I do know a little … [Continue reading]

The SWCSA uses the Force to predict Netapp and Solidfire winners and losers

The Netapp/Solidfire deal has been in the news, but the SWCSA wanted to look into it using the metaphysical tools at its disposal - The Force: https://youtu.be/9LX2DBm3P90 Congratulations to Netapp for finally getting the EMC disruptor monkey … [Continue reading]

Three things I hate about Dell acquiring EMC

https://youtu.be/8zVmMOM_nt0 Dell's planned acquisition of EMC pushes the limits of sanity. In response, I also pushed the limits of sanity with this steering wheel cam video made with a selfie stick pointed at me through the windshield while I … [Continue reading]

Is Pure’s IPO bottle half empty or half full?

Pure Storage (PSTG) is having it's IPO today and by most reports I've read, it's been a little disappointing. There are a couple of interesting things about this. First, Pure's IPO has been touted as a test for "unicorn" startups - companies with … [Continue reading]

VMworld 2015 Back2theFuture Steering Wheel Cam!

https://youtu.be/NNkIy0gLB4o This was a pretty crazy ride. There were several cars on the show floor at VMworld 2015, including the Audi A7 in our booth at Tegile and the Delorean Back to the Future mobile in Rubrik's booth. Curtis and I visited … [Continue reading]