New storage soap opera gets rave reviews

EMC’s introduction of VFCache this week and the sudden mutual slamming of Fusion-io is classic storage theater. We should all enjoy the moment as an online event featuring technology marketing as entertainment for uber geeks.

The plot is well-worn: A scintillating upstart, (Fusion-io) starts setting the world on fire with its technology and bravado.  The established front runner (EMC) becomes fiendishly jealous of all the attention and dollars the little upstart is amassing.  Actions that are only hinted at publicly but occur invisibly behind closed doors are speculated upon by pundits. Details of these liasons are never released, but some people say they have pictures. Then…. nothing – all is silent.

At some point the front-runner decides to make and not buy after years of market and technology analysis.  The process of birthing the new knock-off begins in earnest and the company starts preparing for the delivery. At the special pre-ordained moment, the front runner announces the birth of its creation with all the pomp and circumstance it can muster, including body punches at the upstart, intended to demostrate its power and might.

At this point, a virtual abyss opens beneath the upstart as storage soap opera fans begin to wonder if this could actually be the death of the fair-haired and wild bad-child upstart. There is a great inhalation of air as the audience anxiously waits for the next morsel of information that the internet can produce.   Thank god a posse of bloggers shows up to set the record straight and defend the honor, if not the longevity of the upstart.

This is as good as it gets in our industry and I’m looking forward to all the installments of this series.  Stay Tuned!


  1. mind if i repost on my blog?

  2. Steve Bosak says:

    Will the director of engineering of the upstart die in a suspicious fire started by an overheated iPhone in a cubicle near his/her office? Will they be forced to accept marketing money from a Mexican drug cartel, or worse yet, storage VCs, to compete?

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