Is the new Netapp the old IBM?

When you hang out with car salesmen you start thinking station wagons are cool…

When you think station wagons are cool, you watch the big screen through your windshield…

And when you watch the big screen through your windshield, you watch educational movies about mainframe computers

And when you watch educational films about mainframes you get lost in mainframeland…..

And when you get lost in mainframeland you start seeing Netapp filers….


And when you start seeing Netapp filers, you take a trip through a wormhole…


And when you travel through a vortex you become a supernova baby…

Don’t become a supernova baby.


  1. It almost looks like the tellytubbies are reflected onto Daves helmet.
    I will never be able to watch 2001 again without thinking Dave is going to meet TinkyWinky.

    (but dont go changing)