How much data do you need to keep around?

When we think about data growth we tend to think about all the new data that is being created all the time. But what happens to new data? It gets old, like everything else in this world.

Then what? Usually nothing. It just stays there, taking up capacity. Capacity that could be used for new data. We all know how that turns out. We end up buying more storage and then we start the cycle all over again.

But what if you had a way to deal with old data so it didn’t take up so much capacity? What if you could just get rid of old data by putting it somewhere else – deduped and compressed? What if you could still access that data, just like you always did before? What if you didn’t have to buy a lot of equipment to make it work?

Do you think that would help you manage capacity?

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  1. It always blows my mind how illogical my data consumption habits are. I have one copy of data on a main laptop, backups using Time Machine on a physical external HD, more backs up OxygenCloud, manual copies on thumb drives and iProducts and so forth. And you know what: I keep worrying I might _lose_ something, so I make another copy.

    Data consumption will always be growing. At least until psychological habits shift.