The heartbreak of horrible audio for the Social Steering Wheel Cam

I’ve had a lot of people asking for the return of the Steering Wheel Camera Society of America, but there is no point in bringing it back without giving it a new twist. Naturally I thought socializing it and creating a driving reality show could be interesting.  As they say, there is an element of risk in all human endeavors, but I was feeling up to it.

One must always be mindful of the highest priorities – in this case it was driving. The much smaller risk was that the technology wouldn’t work as planned. Sure enough it didn’t.  The recording quality of my Samsung Galaxy S has to be the worst imaginable. I don’t know if its always been this bad or if it had deteriorated, but man it sucks!

FWIW, here is the same snippet, as recorded by my dash cam (Canon Powershot ELPH 100HS). This shot has decent audio, but the auto focus was amazingly poor. Whatever.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this – maybe I need a new phone. Maybe I need to join the legions of iPhone users. But if I do, what does that mean for the rest of my digital rack? Will I have to go Mac? Once you go Mac, do you ever go back? This is a scary time for me.