Miss Fist: Lebron might just be a fade away guy

Intrepid sports crime fighter mini-Bat talks to Miss Fist about the Celtics/Heat NBA Eastern conference finals.  She dishes out hard, because she knows how important it is to win.

Crazy Larry’s Cloud Odyssey

I thought I’d put together a little montage of Oracle‘s fearless leader Larry Ellison talking about cloud.  It’s not that Larry has been wishy-washy – he’s never wishy washy – but he has certainly changed his tune over the years as the business imperatives for cloud became more obvious to him.

When cloud started taking off, it was pretty clear it took Ellison by surprise. Now his company is playing catch up, which is something he is comfortable with and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Oracle make a few acquisitions, bring a few lawsuits and any other late-to-the-party shenanigans they do.  But will it work this time? Will people that feel trapped by their Oracle licenses want more of the same from their cloud operations?

How clueless is the US government where technology is concerned?

I just published RUN! #4 tonight : “How Clueless is the US Government where technology is concerned?”

If you are wondering what RUN! is, it’s a podcast about our relationship with technology – what we do with it and what it does to us. This edition had another terrific guest, Gabriel Chapman, otherwise known as @Bacon_is_King on twitter and a Systems Engineer with Emulex. Bacon_is_king is a fountain of fascinating info about tech and funny things on the interwebs and I was really happy to get him on the podcast.

Gabriel joined the RUN! team of Matt Brender (@MJBrender), Roger Strukhoff (@Strukhoff) and me (MetaFarley) in a discussion that covered a number of topics including how the US government is encroaching on the technology industry through things like CISPA, the Oracle/Sun lawsuit, the FTC investigation into the Facebook/Instagram deal and the US patent office. But the discussion goes much broader than the role of Government to such things as bacon consumption and citizen developers.

Listeners will notice that some of the discussions seem strangely not up to date – and that’s because the podcast was recorded on May 10, and I didn’t get around to editing it until June 4th. I’m glad the recording is finally getting to see the light of day because it was pretty good with a lot of insights and humor.

Here is a link to the Podcast page if you want to check out our other podcasts or subscribe to it on iTunes (there is a link there to do that). Otherwise, you can click on Uncle Sam below to hear the show.

Google+ Hangout #fail, but I got the peach!

Made a trip to Google HQ today in Mountain View, CA. A quest of sorts – trying to see if we could do a Google+ hangout on-air from the WiFi network on Google’s campus. It sort of worked. The video describes what happened.

If you want to see the video that was created from the hangout, it’s below. Even though it didn’t work today trying to do something goofy from Goole’s campus, I am extremely stoked by Google+ hangouts on air. I only wish they had a shorter name.

Is the new Netapp the old IBM?

When you hang out with car salesmen you start thinking station wagons are cool…

When you think station wagons are cool, you watch the big screen through your windshield…

And when you watch the big screen through your windshield, you watch educational movies about mainframe computers

And when you watch educational films about mainframes you get lost in mainframeland…..

And when you get lost in mainframeland you start seeing Netapp filers….


And when you start seeing Netapp filers, you take a trip through a wormhole…


And when you travel through a vortex you become a supernova baby…

Don’t become a supernova baby.

A direct response to a challenge

I had lunch yesterday with a bunch of people from Netapp (and a token Cisco guy) and was challenged to bring back a cartoon strip to my blog.  Some of them apparently enjoyed the short-lived Ineption strip on StorageRap.  Challenge accepted, introducing Buzzed:

StorSimple grabs the gold from Storage Magazine/Searchstorage in Storage Systems category

Cockle doodle doo!  It’s crowing time.

We just learned that we won the top prize (Product of the Year – Gold) from Storage Magazine/SearchStorage in the category of Storage Systems.

Thanks to our customers who our so important to our success!

Miss Fist on Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin

Miss Fist talks about New York Knicks basketball sensation Jeremy Lin.

Here’s what everybody knows about Jeremy Lin by now:

  • He was overlooked by colleges as a high school senior at Palo Alto High School even though he was the star of a team that lost only one game all season and won the California state title.
  • He was overlooked by the NBA after a remarkable career at Harvard where he was a finalist for the prestigious Bob Cousy award.
  • He was cut by two NBA teams this year, before being picked up by the Knicks.
  • He has been a winner his whole career and plays his best against the toughest competition.

Bikini-clad Occupy Amazon protesters target fair pricing

99% Sysadmins

Amazon’s S3 service, famous for it’s “Pay for only for what you use” business model is drawing the attention of SMB customers, calling themselves the “99% Sysadmins”, who are demanding to know why customers who consume more storage are paying far less for it than they are.  A trio of three bikini-clad protesters compared the situation to bikini-pricing – where customers typically pay a lot more to cover much less of their bodies.  Shouting slogans like: “We are not at the beach” and “What would I pay for being naked?” the protesters brought traffic to a standstill in the frozen Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa.

The situation erupted recently when Amazon announced a price reduction, which drew the attention of  millions of CFOs who wanted to force the issue with their storage admin employees who they consider to be overpaid and under-motivated. Speaking on the conditions of anonymity, one CFO from the Insurance industry asked “Why aren’t we saving money by doubling down on our cloud storage?”

In response to the mounting pressure, protesters organized and invented a plan to publicize their plight. The issue appears to be a pricing table on Amazon’s S3 web site that shows how customers using less than 1 TB of data will pay 12.5 cents per GB while others with over 5 PB will pay less than half as much for the same.  “Heck, if we could put that much up there we would, but we don’t even have that much data in our whole business” said Sysadmin Frank.   (Data copied from Amazon’s web site below)

First 1 TB / month $0.125 per GB
Next 49 TB / month $0.110 per GB
Next 450 TB / month $0.095 per GB
Next 500 TB / month $0.090 per GB
Next 4000 TB / month $0.080 per GB
Over 5000 TB / month $0.055 per GB


New storage soap opera gets rave reviews

EMC’s introduction of VFCache this week and the sudden mutual slamming of Fusion-io is classic storage theater. We should all enjoy the moment as an online event featuring technology marketing as entertainment for uber geeks.

The plot is well-worn: A scintillating upstart, (Fusion-io) starts setting the world on fire with its technology and bravado.  The established front runner (EMC) becomes fiendishly jealous of all the attention and dollars the little upstart is amassing.  Actions that are only hinted at publicly but occur invisibly behind closed doors are speculated upon by pundits. Details of these liasons are never released, but some people say they have pictures. Then…. nothing – all is silent.

At some point the front-runner decides to make and not buy after years of market and technology analysis.  The process of birthing the new knock-off begins in earnest and the company starts preparing for the delivery. At the special pre-ordained moment, the front runner announces the birth of its creation with all the pomp and circumstance it can muster, including body punches at the upstart, intended to demostrate its power and might.

At this point, a virtual abyss opens beneath the upstart as storage soap opera fans begin to wonder if this could actually be the death of the fair-haired and wild bad-child upstart. There is a great inhalation of air as the audience anxiously waits for the next morsel of information that the internet can produce.   Thank god a posse of bloggers shows up to set the record straight and defend the honor, if not the longevity of the upstart.

This is as good as it gets in our industry and I’m looking forward to all the installments of this series.  Stay Tuned!