The Man, the Meme, the Storage Legend

I had a little fun fun making a fake YouTube ad from the most recent Dos Equis ad – the one that includes the one-liner – “He skips the first date”.  FWIW, the voice overs came from software called NaturalReader.

On the Path to Sustainable Enterprise Storage

sustainability banner

With the drought here in California, we replaced our grass lawn with drought tolerant plants. It requires a lot less water, but the best thing about it is that we have a new patio to hang out on and watch the world go past. A few days ago I was … [Continue reading]

Undoing Ballmer

Steve Ballmer

I first saw the news in a tweet from my friend Mark Twomey (@Storagezilla): Microsoft have just written off the entire Nokia handset business Steve Ballmer bought - citing this news article on Bloomberg As usual, Mark digested this news like a … [Continue reading]

EMCLeaks – Disruption by a Billion Benjamins


Storage industry muckracker Chris Mellor was at it again, digging deeper than anyone could imagine, finding and publishing the amount of money EMC spent on stealth startup DSSD. I highly recommend reading his piece, but if you need to know now, it … [Continue reading]

Flash is Disrupting the Benchmark Game too


A couple days ago, Lou Lydiksen from Pure Storage posted a blog titled "What's wrong with using 100% non-reducible data?" The post was better than the title suggests because it exposes a problem storage buyers have today, which is validating the … [Continue reading]

The Return of the Steering Wheel Camera Society of America

Yes!  It's back - The Steering Wheel Camera (LG 3) is now bungee-corded to the rearview mirror of my Infinity G37 instead of the wheel of my Ford Fusion. It's a good setup that provides minimal distractions from the pot holes and fender bending of … [Continue reading]