Three things I hate about Dell acquiring EMC

Dell’s planned acquisition of EMC pushes the limits of sanity. In response, I also pushed the limits of sanity with this steering wheel cam video made with a selfie stick pointed at me through the windshield while I was driving.  As you can see, the external camera recording didn’t turn out very well – just as I expect Dell/EMC to not turn out very well.

The video examines the horrors of EMC’s marketing budget being slashed, NTAP rising to be #1 in independent storage companies and the enormous waste of resources while everybody tried to figure out what a tracking stock is.

Is Pure’s IPO bottle half empty or half full?

Pure Storage (PSTG) is having it's IPO today and by most reports I've read, it's been a little disappointing. There are a couple of interesting things about this. First, Pure's IPO has been touted as a test for "unicorn" startups - companies with … [Continue reading]

VMworld 2015 Back2theFuture Steering Wheel Cam! This was a pretty crazy ride. There were several cars on the show floor at VMworld 2015, including the Audi A7 in our booth at Tegile and the Delorean Back to the Future mobile in Rubrik's booth. Curtis and I visited … [Continue reading]

My Dear Friend Dick Shoup


A brilliant, sweet guy with many diverse interests, including bad movies This past weekend, the family and friends of Dick Shoup gathered to honor him at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View. We will all miss him and he will be thought of often. … [Continue reading]

Morph-driving in Cali and Montana I came back from vacation in Montana where I took some steering wheel cam footage of my favorite drive between Livingston and McLeod.  This video is a small fantasy of mine - being able to change my commute to … [Continue reading]

The Man, the Meme, the Storage Legend

I had a little fun fun making a fake YouTube ad from the most recent Dos Equis ad - the one that includes the one-liner - "He skips the first date".  FWIW, the voice overs came from software called NaturalReader. … [Continue reading]