Quaddracomix: How will you use Windows Unsuck?

A cartoon about the introduction of Windows 10

HP goes to the cloud casino and plays green


  HP's acquisition of Eucalyptus is raising eyebrows and drawing head scratches around the industry.  This morning I read another opinion on the deal after Greg Knieriemen  posted this tweet: "Good read by @babcockcw: "What HP Gains In … [Continue reading]

Why we reject IT-recommended file sync and sharing tools

water blasting

I saw an article in  Information Management Online about research done by London-based Ovum  titled: Widespread Dissatisfaction with File Sync, Sharing Tools The results of Ovum's research, conducted with over 5000 corporate employees, indicates … [Continue reading]

Congratulations to DataGravity on VMworld Best of Show

ferrari milk

The interview below with Paula Long from DataGravity shows why the company is getting so much attention. She really is brilliant and I love a couple of the sound bytes: "The obvious is sometimes revolutionary" "Data protection is not just … [Continue reading]

Who knows what sales does and doesn’t do

who knows what sales does

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QuaddraComix: The storage consumption report

consumption report

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