Who knows what sales does and doesn’t do

who knows what sales does

QuaddraComix: The storage consumption report

consumption report

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Quaddracomix: Maybe you should take the ice bucket challenge

Honey badgers are busy

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Quaddracomix: I don’t know

I dont know why I pay you so much

How can you manage all that unstructured data that's piling up in your storage if you don't know what it is and what's in it? The CEO's questions are simple enough, What is all this storage used for and why can't we get rid of the obsolete … [Continue reading]

Starting up at Quaddra Software

things have changed

There's something about working for a startup that gets my motor running. There's more at stake (more thrills) and more freedom to do things that don't fly in large, organizations. So here I am, back at a startup, Quaddra Software, after a year and … [Continue reading]

Terrific Asian Fusion in Minneapolis , Wakame

I took a group of 9 people to Wakame restaurant in Minneapolis recently and the experience was fantastic. We made a reservation and they were ready for us when we arrived, even though it is a busy place. So far, so good. There were several … [Continue reading]