Congratulations to DataGravity on VMworld Best of Show

ferrari milk

Do you really need a Ferrari to get milk?

The interview below with Paula Long from DataGravity shows why the company is getting so much attention. She really is brilliant and I love a couple of the sound bytes:

“The obvious is sometimes revolutionary”

“Data protection is not just backup, it is understanding who is accessing the information and it is also understanding who should have access to information”

“Do you really need a Ferrari to get milk?”

DataGravity has already started to get people thinking differently about storage and data management. Their announcement last week is the beginning of a whole new vector for our industry and I’m incredibly excited about this new direction of what they call Data Aware Storage systems and File Analytics software.

Who knows what sales does and doesn’t do

who knows what sales does

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QuaddraComix: The storage consumption report

consumption report

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Quaddracomix: Maybe you should take the ice bucket challenge

Honey badgers are busy

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Quaddracomix: I don’t know

I dont know why I pay you so much

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Starting up at Quaddra Software

things have changed

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