Terrific Asian Fusion in Minneapolis , Wakame

I took a group of 9 people to Wakame restaurant in Minneapolis recently and the experience was fantastic.

We made a reservation and they were ready for us when we arrived, even though it is a busy place. So far, so good. There were several different palates to satisfy, but we decided to go family style anyway and share everything (except drinks). 

Just to make things clear, everything was freaking great, this restaurant really knocks it out of the park – from sushi to chicken wings to curry to noodles to entrees.

There was a decent selection of sakes, the beer and wine selections were ok – not great, but nobody seemed to notice, they got something to drink and the food was excellent.

Starting with appetizers, their spicy chicken wings were a surprise hit around the table and everybody dug into the sushi rolls, many singled out the Cowboy Roll which was a beef covered roll, but I tend to go more for crunchy rolls, I think it was the Crunpy Roll, that I liked best. But the favorite appetizer was Yuzu(sp?) Salmon – lightly seared and eel glazed (I think it was eel sauce) under a fresh bed of greens and sprouts. Big time yum!

The entrees and noodle dishes maintained the momentum including scallops risotto, Pad Thai and what I consider their signature dish, curried walleye.  They all come served with various greens and the flavors and sauces were all lively but not over powering. The walleye especially had a very subtle curry that blended well with the flavor of the fish , and walleye is widely regarded as the finest of freshwater fish.

Yes, we had deserts too, Tiger Chocolate cake and tempura ice cream stood out, but the lemon cake was a big hit too.

We all thought it was freaking great and we went to my brothers house afterwards for conversation and games. A fine, memorable evening for all of us.

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